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NAD intros the C 725BEE stereo receiver for those sticking to 2-channel

Steven Kim

NAD Electronics has introduced the C 725BEE stereo receiver for those who either have an audio-only system separate from their HT gear or still aren't sold on the whole discrete multichannel thing. Let's face it -- despite the great sound quality possible on recordings that go past the Red Book audio standard, chances are that most of your audio library is still sourced from two-channel CDs. Content is king, so there might be a place for this 50-Watt receiver with an analog stage that must be something special, because NAD saw fit to add its designer's (Bjorn Erik Edvardsen) initials right on the model name. Promising the sound quality of separate amplifier/preamp gear, the C 725BEE includes NAD's Soft Clipping and Power Drive circuitry, and as expected from the brand, the modest 50-Watt rating belies the 200-Watt peak short-term output. The $799 might be well worth it if you spend a lot of time sitting in your listening den's sweet spot.

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