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Verizon prepaid pricing changes coming February 11th

Darren Murph

It was bound to happen, and now it is. Slowly, but most certainly. As the Verizatel mishmash gels more solidly into place, Verizon Wireless is making some changes when it comes to prices and features. We already heard about its tweaks to the Test Drive and NE2 programs, and now a few leaked slides are detailing imminent changes in the prepaid pricing structure. While there are far too many details to cover in this space, we will say that there are four new categories from which to choose: Prepaid Unlimited Talk, Prepaid Plus, Prepaid Core and Prepaid Basic, All four are broken down in good fashion right there in the read link, so you might as well check it out now before Big Red shoves it at you when you least expect it.

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