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Knights in the Nightmare in North America in June


Atlus has officially announced the North American version of Knights in the Nightmare, the last DS game to come out of that "leak". Knights is the third game in Sting's "Dept. Heaven" series: Yggdra Union was the first, followed by Riviera. Confusingly, this is "Episode IV" of the series, while Riviera is "Episode I" and Yggdra is "Episode II." A bundle of Knights and Yggdra Union was available in Japan -- wouldn't that be a lovely "Atlus Spoils" bonus?

Knights of the Nightmare incorporates "strategy RPG, real-time strategy, and shooter elements" into a game about a wisp who can occupy and control soldiers on a battlefield. Players use the stylus to position soldiers and then fire projectiles at enemies from multiple angles.

Knights will be available June 2nd for $34.99. Check our gallery for new English screens, and come back next week when Atlus inevitably announces an included soundtrack!


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