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Breakfast Topic: Sorry about your nerf

Mike Schramm

I like Trixter's "silly idea" over on WoW Ladies. She says she came home the other day to a boyfriend bummed out by the Curse of Tongues nerf, and wished she had a greeting card for the occasion. Something, we'd guess, like "Sorry about your nerf. Hope you pwn soon." Funny. Which got us thinking: what other kinds of greeting cards might come in handy for WoW players?

"It's a proto-drake! Congrats on your new mount!"

"Our condolences on your recent ninja attack. Here's wishing you all the best loot in the future."

"Thanks for all your help with the raid-leading! You're the best!"

"Will you BEE our Tank?" (And there's a picture of a bee on it.)

Ok, so those aren't that great. But what other ideas might Hallmark be interested in if they were designing a new line of greeting cards for you to give out to fellow players afflicted by what happens in Azeroth?

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