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Second Life 1.22 (RC9) now available

Tateru Nino

And around we go again. Linden Lab have made a new Second Life viewer release-candidate available. RC9 is the tenth release candidate in the unexpectedly elongated 1.22 series (Linden Lab starts counting from RC0). RC5 was supposed to have been the last release-candidate in this series, but unfortunately a number of serious issues prompted the release of RC6, and now we have some major changes, which by all rights should mean quite a few more release-candidates before becoming an official release.

If you got your hands on RC8, you may have noticed problems with voice, crashing, more raycasting issues and problems with sculpties loading. Well, the good news is that three out of four of those seem to be fixed. Voice seems to have quite a road to apotheosis in 1.22.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed VWR-11780: Texture Memory cannot be set lower than 128Mb
  • Fixed: GStreamer crashing issue

Bug Fixes from the Public Nightly Viewers:

  • Fixed VWR-11910: SLVoice crashed when using RC8
  • Fixed VWR-11828: Sculpts either load extremely slowly or fail to load altogether
  • Fixed VWR-11736: Raycast picking: Prim with one transparent face does not allow click on the inside of the prim
  • Fixed: Issue with voice chat presence being misreported by the Vivox SDK

Localization Fixes:

  • Fixed: Truncated Japanese text

Known Issues:
  • There have been occasional reports of problems with SL Voice on Mac and Windows.
  • We are tracking down these problems, but they seem to be very, very intermittent. We need your help if you experience:
    1. VWR-12010: Spatial Voice Chat remains in the previous region after a Teleport
      • If you experience this, please report your location in-world and other details of how long you were in-world at VWR-12010.
    2. VWR-12005: SLVoice.exe will crash completely (and not come back) while using 1.22.9
      • If you experience this, please see VWR-12005 for a way to grab a Crash Dump file so we may investigate!
    3. VWR-12022: SLVoice.exe will crash, but then recover voice in the same session
      • If you experience this, please see VWR-12022 for a way to grab a Crash Dump file so we may investigate!
    4. VWR-12023: After a viewer crash, Voice options and Talk button stay disabled on next relog
      • We only have anecdotal reports of this occurring from our early Resident testers. Please leave your comments if it occurs for you.
    5. VWR-12024: On some SL accounts, your first login takes 2-3 minutes to connect to Voice
      • We only have anecdotal reports of this occurring from our early Resident testers. Please leave your comments if it occurs for you.
    6. VWR-12025: If you reset Voice during a 1-on-1 Voice call, the viewer may show you "stuck" in the call

We are aware that RC8 introduced the following bugs which may not be solved in the 1.22 Viewer:

  • Although improved on Linux, there may be continued problems with Audio/Voice on Linux:
    1. VWR-11759: Linux stops playing audio streams / VWR-11875: No audio stream with OpenAL
      • Streaming audio from parcels may not work without additional preliminary setup of a compatible 32-bit GStreamer on your Linux computer.
      • Please read the file README-linux.txt. Goto Section 3, INSTALLING & RUNNING, and see Section 5, TROUBLESHOOTING for Problem #6.
    2. VWR-11964: Linux music stream has intermittent noises
      • Please see that issue for possible workaround in the secondlife script.
    3. Linux may have no audio (ambient, UI, gesture sounds, etc) when using a USB headset
      • This problem does not affect Voice over a USB headset.
      • Workaround: An analog headset does not exhibit this problem.
    4. Voice quality on Linux can be poor (a pulse of crackly noise) with Intel Audio chips, such as Intel ICH7 and ICH8.
      • We are investigating bugs in the voice SDK which degrade the quality of voice on some systems
  • A limitation to the 'Hide Selected' feature:
    1. VWR-11860: using Hide Selected: if not in Edit mode, a right-click will not allow you to click the prim behind
      • Workaround: Simply Right-click > 'Edit...' to switch to Edit mode and this feature works correctly.

At present, the tracker contains 257 open issues for 1.22

Release candidate viewers access your live account on the main Second Life grid (Agni). Potentially they may cause hair-loss in pets, and should be always be kept out of reach of children. The downloads are served by Amazon's S3 service and we use and recommend the use of a download manager to keep your download times to a minimum.

Notably, while they're called release candidates, they're actually beta (and occasionally alpha) releases. The reasoning behind calling them release candidates has never been made clear.

You can download this viewer from the usual place for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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