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Retro Game Challenge references the modern gaming world


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We're pleased to see people around the internet playing the wonderful Retro Game Challenge and sharing their experiences with the not-actually-old games found in the collection. One of the most unexpectedly enjoyable parts of the game is conversing with the young version of the maniacal Arino (Game Center CX host Shinya Arino), who represents a startlingly authentic young gamer of the '80s -- sitting with him is eerily reminiscent of our own NES experiences with friends.

But Arino's dialogue isn't entirely authentic -- a few anachronisms slip through, like The Wizard references made years before the movie actually came out. The screen above shows one such anachronism, seemingly a commentary on the current state of third-party games on Nintendo systems. We didn't hear the term "shovelware" until the early CD-ROM era, when it was used to describe a disc crammed full of old games -- ironically, precisely what Retro Game Challenge would be, were it not composed entirely of new games.

Despite the use of the term "shovelware," Arino isn't even complaining! He concludes that even the most boring games can be enjoyable.


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