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SCEE: PSP sell-in hits 50 million worldwide


Has it really been over four years since Sony's helicopters swooped in, dropped a rope ladder and successfully extracted portable entertainment from the handheld gaming ghetto? Sony Computer Entertainment Europe reminds us that the PlayStation Portable was first launched in Japan in 2004 and has since spread across the globe, reaching a "sell-in" level of 50 million units (accompanied by 200 million software units). If you can't tout selling out, you might as well do the "in" thing and count the number of units you've shipped to shelves, stalls, online retailers and really fancy airport vending machines.

Still, it's an impressive (and very big!) number, one we'd relish shoving into the faces of our doubting, 2004 selves. Of course, we'd also irrevocably ruin the timeline by telling everyone to hold out for the fantastic PSP-2000 ... so let's just keep the celebration confined to the present day, shall we?

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