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Star Trek Online not getting that quirky Captain Kirk smirk

Kyle Horner

Alas, in case any dear readers were holding out hope for some kind of time traveling Captain Kirk appearance in Star Trek Online, we're here to inform you that it probably isn't going to happen. MTV Multiplayer's Tracey John sat down with STO's executive producer Craig Zinkievich last weekend at NYCC and got the goods on both Shatner's absence from the game, as well as some intriguing cross-platform information.

So yes, no Kirk. However, it seems like Cryptic is not against the idea of dropping console and PC players into the same server. While no revelations were given about which (both?) console would see the game, apparently both Sony and Microsoft are excited at the prospect. ZInkievich stressed that ultimately their choice will have a lot to do with how certification for patches is handled.

It's certainly a touchy subject, but Final Fantasy XI seems to have handled itself well on the Xbox 360. If we had to throw down a guess, it would be that we're likely to see the game his Microsoft's console at the very least. But until Cryptic makes an announcement, everyone will just have to assume they'll be boldly clicking, etc, etc.

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