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Wizard 101 teaches wizards how to count up to 1 million players


What's the new MMO contender in the room with 1 million accounts? Is it Warhammer Online? Nope. Is it Lord of the Rings Online? Not at all. Would you believe that it's Wizard 101?

Well you should, because it is! Wizard 101 is celebrating over 1 million accounts, and giving all players, old and new, 101 free crowns to use in their cash shop. While 101 isn't very much, the development team has also added some new pets and items to the store that cost less than 101 crowns specifically for this purpose -- including the limited edition Storm Beetle pet.

The 1 millionth player who signed up on February 13th has gotten a very special prize package. The development team has added a brand new statue in Wizard City Commons with an interactive plaque featuring the character's name. That player has also gotten a free one year subscription to the game; not a bad deal at all!

[via Mystic Worlds]

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