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Casio digicam gets overrun by Hello Kitty

Darren Murph

Hopefully your retinas aren't burning, but we can definitely understand if you need to take a few minutes and resume reading later after viewing the image above. An almost unlawful amount of cuteness has mauled this otherwise average Casio EXILIM digital camera, which just so happens to boast a 9 megapixel sensor, 2.6-inch rear LCD monitor, 41.2MB of internal storage space, an SDHC card slot, 3x optical zoom lens, a video recording mode and a borderline sickening amount of crystals, pink and Hello Kitty. Those who don't mind blinding their guests each time they attempt to snap a shot can grab one now for ¥47,250 ($513), but you can probably guess what our recommendation would be.

[Via Topix]

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