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GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: we're here!


If this last week's wide assortment of pre-show announcements and leaks was any indication, this is going to be one helluva MWC. Naturally, we're here, on the ground, scarfing down tapas and working ourselves into a mild frenzy. The excitement is due to begin at 5PM local time (11AM EST) with some pre-show events, and should carry well into the night as phones are unveiled, embargoes lift, and we get our hands on the latest and greatest. The show proper begins tomorrow, so rouse yourself a few hours early, pour a pot of coffee into your face, head on over to Engadget Mobile and get ready for phones, phones and more phones!

Nuestro equipo de Engadget en español también está aquí, y realizará las coberturas en directo y en español!

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