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Using city gift collections for extra Love is in the Air supplies

Dan O'Halloran

When I originally posted the Love Is In The Air achievement guide, I left out the city collection quest Gift Giving (A/H) because they didn't lead to an achievement. But they do provide more supplies for you to complete the achievements if you need them, so they are worth looking into. Each time you complete this quest you have a choice of the following rewards:
These will help you complete:
Plus, you will always get a Box of Chocolates which will help you with the Sweet Tooth achievement. After the jump, how to put the collections together.

This is essentially the same process you use to get Pledges of Adoration from guards. The trick is that you can get Pledges of Friendship whether or not you have an Adored buff, so give your love tokens to every guard with a heart over their head as often as you like. They will give you Guard's Cards or Pledges of Loyalty. Then find a merchant in the city with a heart over their head and give them your love tokens in exchange for a city specific item. Once you have 5 cards, 5 pledges and 5 city specific items, click on each to create a new item, then click on those to form a City Gift Collection. Do this for all three starting cities in your faction and when you have all three City Gift Collections, click on them to form either an Alliance Gift Collection or a Horde Gift Collection.

Now, go find Kwee Q. Peddlefeet. He will be next to the city leaders in each capital. Hand him the City Collection and he will give you the supplies listed above. You can immediately start the quest over if you like.

Love is in the Air and on WoW Insider. Check out our continuing coverage of the event and our guide to earning the achievement. And you better hurry; the holiday only lasts five days!

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