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Cryptic Studios profiles Champions Online artist Brad Stokan

James Egan

Cryptic Studios has been running a "Meet the Team" series of profiles of their developers working on Champions Online. The latest Q&A is with Brad Stokan, the Lead Character Artist for Champions Online. He discusses what he does at Cryptic Studios and what led him to the industry in the first place.

Although it's a rather lighthearted interview, Stokan offers some solid advice for artists who want to break into the gaming industry. He points out what he sees as the pitfalls many fall into when honing their skills and trying to get their work recognized by potential employers. His final piece of advice? Stokan says, "Play Champions, because we need to eat. Also, never give up your dream of working in games, kid!"

Check out "Meet the Team: Brad Stokan" for more about the Champions Online Lead Character Artist.


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