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Metal Gear Solid 4 going Platinum on March 5

Unsurprisingly, Konami's grandpa-spy sim Metal Gear Solid 4 sold extremely well across the globe -- so well, in fact, that the game has reached the ever prestigious Platinum Range in Europe, an honor bestowed to titles that reach sales upward of 400,000 within their first year on the market. A Platinum edition of the game will hit European store shelves on March 5, bringing with it some slightly updated box art and a discounted price of EUR 29.95 (or GBP 19.99).

Hopefully, the game will follow suit by qualifying for Greatest Hits status in North America, an honor that brings a similar discount to $29.99, as well as a provocative crimson jewel case. We've begun growing our unsettling math teacher moustaches in feverish anticipation.

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