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Option announces uCAN remote data access for iCON USB modems


Fresh from Barcelona, the wireless modem gurus at Option have announced their new uCAN software platform. To be implemented across the entire iCON modem lineup, the software allows users to run applications (such as Open Office) from their USB modem and interact directly with documents situated on their workstation at home. You can also have those apps you might need to use in a pinch -- such as Skype -- preconfigured with all your data. If that weren't enough, the device sports something called "Zero Footprint" technology, which is designed to ensure that "no trace of activity is left on the host computer, running either Windows XP, Windows Vista or Mac OS, when the device is disconnected." You can even launch a browser from the thing, keeping all those passwords and cookies safely off of whichever machine you happen to be borrowing. The first uCAN devices are expected to appear sometime before July of this year. More pics after the break.

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