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All-electric Wheego Whip hitting America in May... slowly

Darren Murph

You can probably tell from the image above that the Wheego Whip isn't the fastest automobile to ever hit the streets, but it'll still be getting Americans from point A to point B before most of those other "concepts" will. The company is currently looking to score dealers that will sell its "electric LSVs (Low Speed Vehicles)," the first of which is obviously the Whip. If all goes to plan, it'll have 50 dealers across America by May, and given that this is "the best affordable electric car in the world" (that's the words of RTEV CEO Mike McQuary), we'd say all 50 should be brimming with customers. Unfortunately, we're not told just how fast slow this thing actually goes nor how expensive cheap it'll be, but hey, May's just a few months out, anyway.

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