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Apple blocks streaming South Park app

Mat Lu

There's yet another case of heavy handedness from Apple in rejecting potential apps from the iPhone store. The creators of South Park have put almost all of their back episodes online at South Park Studios for Flash-based streaming, and last year it was announced to fans that they would be putting together an iPhone app to give mobile users access to that content.

Now Boing Boing is reporting that the app is "dead in the water" because Apple has rejected it twice for being "potentially offensive." Goodness knows there's a lot of offensive content on the App Store, so it's really hard to see how Apple is holding any kind of line of good taste here (if that even applies in this case). Boing Boing's original post from last year announcing the app reveals something of how nice the interface was going to be. I can't help but hope that the evolving standards of the app store that eventually allowed in applications like RSS Player (which was previous banned as Podcaster) will come round for the South Park app. I can just hear Cartman yelling for his mom.

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