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New PTR announcements [Updated]


A couple of new things about the Patch 3.1 PTR this morning for you all. Dual specs, character copying, premades, downloading, vendors, and PTR release; it's like our own version of lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Premade Characters

No plans to have them be available. This doesn't completely rule them out, but Blizzard is usually pretty upfront with us if they're going to allow us to make some premade characters.

Dual Spec is not finalized

There is a lot of QQ already about dual specs and how they will work. We've seen everyone under the sun now tell us that the system isn't finalized. That means that the level 80 requirement for dual specs is still the way it'll be, but that could change in a heartbeat.

Character Copy

Blizzard will (or already has) wiped the PTR clean of all characters, so if you copied your character over already you'll need to do it again soon (we'll try to figure out when). And of course, this does not in any way affect your live-realm character. We know... it's a "duh" statement... but we get the question.

PTR Download

The PTR download is not delivering you version 3.1. It's giving you the 3.0.8 PTR. So don't get it, there's really no reason to. You'll see all the bells and whistles go off here on WoW Insider when the download becomes available. We'll also get those coveted patch notes things up too.

Glyph/Enchant Vendors

Blizzard may put a glyph/enchantment vendor on the PTR for us, but do the smart thing and transfer your character over as if it won't be there. No promises the vendor will be there other than a "maybe."

Patch 3.1 Class Changes

Not all the 3.1 class changes are going to be on the PTR when it's initially released. They'll come in waves, like has been done the past few times. We'll know more information when we get a look at the official patch notes and actually get on the PTR to test things out.

All this information was recently posted on the EU PTR forums, so it looks like the PTR is getting closer and closer to release. Don't be surprised if it comes out today...

Updated 9:18 a.m. EST: Added "Patch 3.1 Class Changes" section.

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