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Nokia to shove Qualcomm MSM chipsets into future phones

Darren Murph

Nokia sure is doing a lot of hand shaking over in Barcelona, as shortly after it signed a gentlemanly agreement with Adobe, the Finnish handset maker has decided to equip some of its future devices with Qualcomm chipsets. Right now, details are somewhat vague, though we do know the two are hoping to "develop advanced UMTS mobile devices initially for North America." It's intended for these devices to be based on Symbian S60, and the chipsets involved will be the NFC-equipped Mobile Station Modem (MSM) line. Unfortunately, we aren't apt to actually see a handset emerge from this collaboration until mid-2010, though these devices will be compatible with the forthcoming Symbian Foundation platform. Teamwork, shrouded in mystery -- you guys sure know how to get attention.

[Via Slashgear]

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