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Terminal Reality ain't afraid of licensing no middleware


The developers behind the upcoming PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Ghostbusters: The Video Game have informed us that the engine driving the game, the Infernal Engine, is open for third-party licensing. In fact, Terminal Reality will be meeting behind closed doors to discuss licensing its tech with several folks at the DICE Conference, which is going on right now in Red Rock, Nevada.

Terminal Reality says its engine is compatible with all next-gen platforms, including PC, and can take "full advantage of next generation hardware while scaling easily to all systems." It features "an advanced physics solution, powerful particle system, and rendering features that provide ultra-realistic environments and characters." In layman's terms, the Infernal Engine can make stuff.

The image above was crafted using the engine, and will serve as one of the items Terminal Reality uses to market its middleware product. So, developers, if you're looking for something that can help you create dudes with glowing eyes, old rifles, and a taste for tacky jewelry, who you gonna call?

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