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Make your own Achievement

Dan O'Halloran

MMOCluster has a great little app on their WoW page that allows you to create your own Achievement banner. You come up with the snappy title, the amusing text, even an appropriate picture if you're up to it and the site generates the banner. You can use the banner as a signature or just to make a point in a forum post.

The possibilities are endless. Some other's I'm going to make:
  • Did Somebody Call A Whaaaaambulance? - Complain about the pulls, the heals, the loot, the game, the design, your class, your life. In a PuG. During a boss encounter. While not contributing to the fight. 10 Points.
  • High Roller - Roll on every loot drop regardless of your ability to use or equip the item. 10 points.
  • Charmed Life - Run a Pick Up Group with no deaths or loot drama. 50 points.
I could do this all day, but I think I already hit my bitterness quota with those three. There's always tomorrow!

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