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Two Bosses Enter: Eck the Ferocious vs. Amanitar


Two Bosses Enter ... but only One Boss Leaves, in WoW Insider's series of fantasy death matches. This season's duelists hail from the five-man instances of Wrath of the Lich King.

This week's matchup squares off two more of Wrath's five-man instance bosses who only appear in the heroic versions of their dungeons: kangaroo-on-crack Eck the Ferocious of Gundrak versus 'shroom king Amanitar of Ahn'kahet. What happens when Eck goes bounding across the tops of Amanitar's mushroom garden? Let's work it out.

First, the basics: assume that each boss has approximately the same level, health and damage output as the other. Since Amanitar's mushrooms are an integral part of his defenses, we'll set this match in Amanitar's boggy home turf, minus any adds but with the mushrooms he summons. Beyond that detail, we're out to debate the three S's: Style, Story and Scale. Don't get caught up in the game mechanics and player dynamics of each encounter. Consider the flavor each villainous gladiator brings to bear, then cast your vote for who you think would come out on top.

Eck the Ferocious (Gundrak)
Eck is a tenacious little fellow who drops aggro and bounds about during battle. His flash point: a nasty enrage that increases his attack speed by 150% and all damage he deals by 500% – ouch!

Eck Berserk
Eck Bite
Eck Spit
Eck Spring

Read more about battling Eck the Ferocious.

Amanitar (Ahn'kahet)
Amanitar may not appear tremendously threatening, but the veritable garden of both helpful and harmful mushrooms that he spawns during battle can confound unwary opponents. Amanitar's shrink, combined with these potent fungi, can effectively neutralize attackers. Opponents must take advantage of Healthy Mushrooms when shrunken by Amanitar's Mini spell, while avoiding the effects of Poisonous ones.

Healthy Mushrooms cast Potent Fungus
Poisonous Mushrooms cast Poison Cloud

Amanitar himself has these abilities:

Entangling Roots
Venom Bolt Volley

Read more about Amanitar's battle tactics.

The smackdown
Remember: no game-mechanic or group-tactic nitpicking. Vote for the spirit of the battle as set forth for the two champions above. Set aside differences in opponents' health pools, game level and actual damage output, and size up these villains based on their fighting style. Be sure to post your comments -- let's come up with what goes down.


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