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Koei doubling Singapore staff to boost game 'quantity' ... and 'quality'

Jason Dobson

Singapore is the latest kingdom to be romanced by Japanese publisher Koei. Edge reports that the company plans to ramp up headcount at its Singapore studio, potentially more than doubling the branch's current headcount of around 50 staff, with up to 60 new faces in the months ahead. The studio was first founded in 2005, and is primarily focused on online efforts, including Romance of the Three Kingdoms Online.

No reason or exact time frame for the upgrade has been revealed. However, Koei co-founder Keiko Erikawa noted an interest in boosting the Singapore branch's game-making capabilities "both in quantity and in quality." Of course, with Koei set to join top-heavy rival Tecmo in bed in April, it's just as likely that Erikawa's statement is code for "jiggle" and "physics."

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