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One Shots: T3 in testing

We've heard some exciting things about everything going on with Singularity (the test server) for EVE Online, although until today we haven't seen anything from there as most of it is very much in-progress. That said, today we have this treat for you - another one of the highly anticipated Tier III ships! This image comes to us from one intrepid EVE pilot, Feffrey, who sent this back to us: [This is] from the EVE test server looking at a corp mates Legion, the Amarr T3 Strategic cruiser. It is of course still a work in progress, but it does look frigging sweet. The ship is completely modular and this is just one of the thousands of different combinations possible. It is not fully textured yet so it does look a tad odd.

If you're in a beta not under NDA (Darkfall), or involved in checking out new hotness on a test realm, then you should definitely snag some screenshots and send them to us here! We love seeing new things on One Shots, and you'll get to be among the first to ever show off the cool things to come. Just email those images and a quick description of what we're looking at/the game it's from to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name. We'll post them for all our readers to check out and give you the credit!

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