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CEA study finds interest growing in 3D

Darren Murph

Believe it or not, marketing goes a long way. According to a new joint study conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the Entertainment and Technology Center at the University of Southern California, interest in 3D (at least in America) is on the rise. The research found that within the past 12 months, nearly 41 million US adults have reported seeing a 3D movie in theaters, and of those, around 40 percent admitted that they'd prefer to watch a movie in 3D versus 2D. We're struggling to determine whether to focus on the fact that over half would actually prefer the 2D version, or whether it's a good thing that the pro-3D crowd is as high as 40 percent. At any rate, the study also found that 16 percent of consumers are interested in watching 3D movies or TV shows within their home, while 14 percent are interested in playing 3D video games. Ready for the most amazing statistic? Over half of those polled said that having to wear special glasses or hold their heads still while watching a 3D TV program would have "no impact on them purchasing a 3D set for their home." Hmm.

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