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Kenwood takes a note from Bose with DTS Surround Sensation CD system

Darren Murph

If you weren't well versed on logos (and you were illiterate, too), you'd probably assume that the music system pictured above was just another overpriced Bose that could be yours for nine low payments of $49.99. In fact, it's a new Kenwood-branded CD system that will purportedly be able to simulate surround sound from just two speakers. The system will include the DTS Surround Sensation technology, a slot for audio CDs and a rather vanilla display. Beyond that, we're left to simply wonder, as Kenwood is remaining mum on critical details like pricing, release date, RMS, driver size, frequency range and input / output options. Wow, that kind of dodgy secretiveness reeks of some other company we know of... but we're sure it's not intentional. (Right?)

[Via Impress]

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