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Introducing Ursula McWeaksauce and the Shirt of Uber


We've known about Jillian McWeaksauce's appearance on the PTR for a while – a vendor unique to the PTR that will give out flasks and possibly a few other things to make testing raid content on the PTR easier.

They have it so you essentially don't have to bring over your bank alt. It's a rather nice little vendor.

But now, there is going to be another one added it appears, named Ursula McWeaksauce.

Ursula McWeaksauce is going to give out the Shirt of Uber, which will increase your item's statistics to bring them up to full Ulduar gear level.

Put on the shirt, become uber, just like Arnold.

Ursula will make her debut appearance when Blizzard is getting ready to test the hard mode of Ulduar. We can't wait to see what the shirt does exactly. It will no doubt be uber.
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