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WoW Lead Systems Designer tells people to play other games

Brooke Pilley

It must be nice to dominate the MMORPG market so thoroughly that you actually recommend your players try out other competitors to stave off burnout in your game. Ghostcrawler, Lead Systems Designer for World of Warcraft did just that. "If you're just burned out, it's also not the worst thing in the world to try out some other games -- the past couple of years has been great for them. Just check back in with WoW every now and then."

To give this quote some context, the suggestion was one of many directed at those players who simply devour WoW content faster than Blizzard can dish it out. Ghostcrawler's other suggestions include rolling an alt, crafting, completing a task list of achievements, or perhaps going back and finishing up all the quests you might have missed. It's a fairly obvious, yet shockingly honest statement to make given the current MMO landscape. It seems most people who leave WoW for other games inevitably return even though the game is over nearly five years old right now. This may not always be the case, but obviously Blizzard remains confident if they're willing to make a statement like that.

[Via: Player vs. Developer]

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