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Champions Online answers on shapeshifting and defense systems

Kyle Horner

Defense, defense, defense. This week's bout of questions followed succinctly by answers moves through the ins and outs of how Champions Online's defense mechanics work. While this isn't 100% brand new information, it's quite thorough. Also discussed are the specifics about tweaking powers, like making a one-off electric AoE into a toggle ability that you don't have to worry constantly tapping in combat. However, the downside is that it gains a recharge.

Another subject addressed was the matter of whether or not Cryptic plans to have shapeshifting powers -- something of a hot topic in the forums. The answer was not at launch, but the team most definitely wants to do it. Simply put -- and we know this isn't the first time you've heard this -- they want to do it right, and give shapeshifting the right amount of time and budget.

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