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Netflix planning on offering 'streaming only' subscriptions in future

If you've found yourself fascinated by the Xbox 360's recently acquired ability to stream movies and TV programs off Netflix, but found yourself hesitant to subscribe to its pesky DVD delivery service in order to access said function, we've got great news. Netflix has apparently recognized your reservations, and is planning on implementing a "streaming only" subscription in the "foreseeable future."

The demand for such a subscription plan is clear. Netflix, which offers over 12,000 titles on its streaming service, saw a great deal of unexpected growth last quarter thanks to the popularity of streaming programming -- we'd wager most of that came from the 360s Netflix app. No word on the release date or pricing of the stand-alone streaming subscription -- without the hassle of postage fees, we'd wager it'll see a nice discount from the standard $8.99 monthly plan.

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