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PC Braid also launching on Steam March 31

We were jazzed to hear that Jonathan Blow's introspective chrono-manipulative platformer Braid would be making its way onto PCs via Stardock's digital distribution service Impulse -- though we wondered why Blow hadn't set up a wider launch platform for the computerfied adaptation of his XBLA indie hit. Hothead's agreement to bring the title to Macs was a step in the right direction, but we've just received word of a huge movement to further propagate the plight of Mr. Tim -- a Valve presser just confirmed that Braid is on its way to Steam.

It'll be hitting the popular digital distribution platform on March 31 (the same day as Impulse's Braid launch) at a price point of $14.99. That's a whole four cents more expensive than the title's cost on Impulse. Man, isn't that just like Valve? Always trying to nickel and dime penny and four-penny the little man.

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