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Syba debuts RCG RC-VIS62002 pocket projector


Its name may never be spoken aloud, but Syba's new RCG RC-VIS62002 pocket projector looks like it should at least get the job done for anyone in the market for a basic, not-quite-pico projector. As is par for the course with the more budget-minded models, this one packs a basic 640 x 480 native resolution (with "support" for XGA), along with a brightness rating of 10 ANSI lumens, a maximum projected image size of 40 inches from just over two feet away, and what seems to be the most basic of port selections: just VGA and composite. With a list price of $399, it's also not the cheapest pocket projector out there, but we suspect this one should see some discounts if and when it becomes more widely available.

[Via About Projectors]

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