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Get a grip: Nintendo reveals Wii 'Classic Controller Pro'


Nintendo's Japanese site is now showing a new version of the dual-analog Classic Controller for Wii. The "Classic Controller Pro" replaces the original's tiny secondary shoulder buttons with a traditional Dual Shock style "two rows of buttons" set up, moves the two analog sticks out a bit from the center, and adds some hand grips. Hand grips are for pros.

Basically, if a Dual Shock and a Wii Classic Controller had a baby, it would be -- a disgusting thing to think about. But if someone were to design a video game controller that used elements of both of those controllers, it would be the Classic Controller Pro.

Nintendo plans a summer 2009 release for this controller, which should dovetail nicely with Monster Hunter 3 -- no doubt irritating Capcom, who is bundling a port of its predecessor, Monster Hunter G, with a special blue version of the original Classic. No pricing or information about a release outside of Japan is given.

[Via Kotaku; thanks, Face]

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