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Hot vs. not: Viliv's S5 vs. UMID's Mbook M1

Tim Stevens

While neither has officially gone on sale yet here or abroad, two anticipated MIDs, the Viliv S5 and UMID M1, both went on pre-order last week in their home nation of Korea, and while the S5 sold out of its initial allotment of 1,000 units in just 8 hours, UMID still has unclaimed devices from its first batch of 500. This is at least in part due to some sketchy quality on the M1, with a finish on early machines that looks like a Tamiya kit haphazardly glued together by a four-year-old. The company is saying it will step up and replace all of the pre-ordered units with better ones once it gets its molds to line up, but having to trade in your new computer after a few weeks seems to partially defeat the purpose of getting one early in the first place. Of the two only the S5 is said to be officially coming to America at this point anyway, so hopefully that's the one that caught your fancy.

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