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Mitsubishi unveils LDTV146 and LDTV152 1080p LCD monitors

Darren Murph

Mitsubishi may be having some trouble with its LaserVue set, but those in the commercial realm probably aren't too concerned. What they may be interested in, however, are these two. Mitsu has introduced the 46-inch LDTV146 and 52-inch LDTV152 at the Digital Signage Show in Las Vegas, both of which boast 1080p 10-bit LCD panels. These were designed to last and last (and last), with a backlight estimated to survive 30,000 hours -- or around seven years when turned on for 12 hours per day. Other specifications include a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, 500 nits of brightness and $2,995 / $3,995 price tags, and if you're into either, you'll be glad to know they're available now.

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