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Verismo's VuNow internet TV platform gets props from CableLabs

Darren Murph

Ready or not, Verismo Networks' VuNow internet TV platform is making its way out. After ambushing the OEM market earlier this year, the company is now proudly announcing new praise from an unlikely suspect: CableLabs. As the story goes, executives from the CableLabs Forum voted VuNow as the "best new product idea" during so-called "informal polling" at a meetup in Colorado Springs. At first glance, one might wonder why cable proponents would be supporting a platform that needs no subscription, but considering that Comcast and Time Warner Cable (and likely others) are already looking to wrap internet content into pay-TV bundles, we suppose it's no longer a shock. The whole cable-internet media relationship is about to get a lot more interesting.

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