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Wrap your Lips around Coldplay, Hinder, 311 and more

Dustin Burg

Those in need of more sweet, sour and slightly bitter DLC should direct their mouths eyes to Microsoft's latest list of upcoming Lips content.

Over the next three weeks, the Xbox Live Marketplace will receive new Lips music from bands including Angels and Airwaves, The Rasmus, Hinder, Metro Station and a three-pack of songs from Coldplay. Also, a title update will be released sometime in March, providing "improved scoring, better vibrato detection and initiate global leaderboards."

View a complete menu of upcoming Lips DLC after the break and start choosing which songs look appetizing enough to consume purchase.

Available on February 27
  • "The Adventure" by Angels and Airwaves
  • "Amber" by 311
  • "In The Shadows" by The Rasmus

Available on March 6

  • "Hook Me Up" by The Veronicas
  • "Lips of an Angel" by Hinder
  • "Shake It" by Metro Station
Available on March 13
  • "The Scientist" by Coldplay
  • "Speed of Sound" by Coldplay
  • "In My Place" by Coldplay

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