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LotRO releases new PTS and preliminary Book 7 patch notes

Shawn Schuster

Turbine has just announced a brand new public test server for Lord of the Rings Online called Bullroarer. This test server will allow plays to experience content before it is ready to go live, allowing the players to help test the content and give their feedback. You will need to download Bullroarer separately from the live game client, and you must have an active LotRO account.

What's even more exciting about this announcement is the fact that the newest content update, Book 7, is live on Bullroarer right now for players to explore! Since this is a test server, it will incorporate a copy from a live server. Right now that first server is Elendilmir, but anyone is invited to create a character and experience the new content. Turbine says they will soon enable the Eyes and Guard Inn in-game to allow anyone to boost their characters up to max level and experience everything. Check out the current Book 7 patch notes (that are subject to change before going live) and count on Massively for much more coverage of Book 7 as it nears live release.

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