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mLani introduces new "MoBi" FPS controller for PS3


There's not exactly a wealth of information about this one just yet, but peripheral maker mLani (started by the former founder of SplitFish) looks to be doing its best to make PC gamers feel a bit more at home on the PS3 with this new FPS-minded controller which, coincidentally, looks to compete directly with some of SplitFish's own offerings. Apparently, in addition to improving your aim in Killzone 2, this one can double as a mouse for your PC and, as you can see above, it's also wireless, although it's at least possible that the cable between the mouse and the Wiimote-esque controller has been conveniently omitted. No word on a price, but this one's supposedly on track for a release in the next three months or so.

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Update: Looks like mLani has just gotten official with the controller, which is now dubbed the "MoBi" and set for release in the third week of May. Still no indication of a price, but mLani did confirm that both the mouse and controller are indeed wireless, and that the mouse (2000 DPI, 500Hz) comes with its own PC software to allow for full customization. Head on past the break for the full press release.

mLani Announces "MoBi" Release Date

Edmonton, Feb. 28, 2009 -- mLani Studios, Inc (mLani) today announced the completion and impending spring 2009 release of its new wireless PS3 controller, the MoBi.

The patented split-grip mLani MoBi is compatible with all games, and features a completely customizable PS3 controller button set. With a right-hand mouse for targeting prey and a left-hand grip for full motion control, the MoBi is the most advanced controller in the world. Complete programmability, digital sniper buttons and upgradeable firmware provide unprecedented levels of customization. The MoBi is also a full featured wireless PC gaming mouse with extra buttons and left hand control for WASD, making it the world's first universal cross-platform FPS tool for PS3 and PC gaming. The MoBi is the ultimate console controller while also offering an ideal PC first-person shooter experience.

mLani listened to what gamers wanted in terms of style, grace and customization, and created a controller that is fully customizable and ideal for both console and PC gaming. Each button is configurable, and the MoBi's digital R1 and R2 make it the most accurate targeting system available--no more squishy button presses! The 2000 DPI, 500Hz refresh rate low-lag laser mouse exceeds the standards of the PS3's abilities and meets all high-end PC mouse needs. The included PC software allows users to adjust or reprogram any button to the exact feel they expect from a high-end controller.

"We are pleased we were able to embed our high-quality standards into a product that not only maximizes a gamer's experience but actually improves the gamer's score over traditional PS3 solid controllers," said Mr. Tetterington of mLani. "Re-sellers, licensors and retailers are encouraged to contact us quickly, as demand is expected to exceed all previous third-party controller sales. Retail meetings are now underway for the scheduled roll-out in the third week of May."

As promised, mLani is also finalizing its first Nintendo Wii™ product. Complete details will be released in spring 2009.

For more information, or to arrange product samples for retail buyers and game hardware reviews, visit the mLani web site at, or e-mail

About mLani Studios Inc:
mLani is a high-end developer of videogame hardware. Its technologies have received accolades and acceptance by videogame players worldwide.

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