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One Shots: More new ship hotness

With the promise of upcoming Tech 3 ships, so many EVE Online players just can't wait for Apocrypha to come out. Packed with all manner of new features for EVE players to look forward to, it's going to prove to be a lot of fun. Today's one Shots comes to us from Farrellus who has been so kind as to report back from the test servers for us, with some images of the new ships players can look forward to soon. He writes in: Here's a strategic cruiser I put together on the test server. It's one variation of a Gallente Proteus.

Have you got some beta (non-NDA-breaking, please) or test server screenshots you'd like to send in? We love to hear from our front-line 'reporters' who send in images of some of the cool things coming to MMOs. If you'd like to join our regulars, just email your screenshots of hot newness to us at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name, the game it's from, and a quick note about what we're seeing. We'll post it here and give you the credit for showing it off!

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