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The Old Republic launches first issue of Dark Horse webcomic

Shawn Schuster

Today marks the first installment of the Star Wars: The Old Republic online webcomic series that we first mentioned earlier in the month. This webcomic has been created as a joint venture between BioWare, LucasArts and Dark Horse comics, and offers fans an opportunity to discover the Old Republic era in preparation for the yet-unannounced launch date for the TOR MMO.

In this introductory issue entitled Act 1: Treaty of Coruscant, the Jedi and the Republic maintain control of core worlds while the Sith Empire continues its military victories over critical star systems. The desperate Republic accepts a surprising offer of peace from the Empire, as key members of the Senate, Jedi and Sith Dark Council join together for the terms of their new treaty. Check out the entire comic at the SWTOR website and look for more issues to arrive twice a month.

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