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WRUP: Is anyone on the live realms? edition


Oh, public test realms, so full of new and exciting content, we love you. No, really, we do! We hadn't realized it was possible to fall like this for testing hardware, but we think it's true love. Oh, no, it won't be like patch 3.0.8 again, where we hung out with you for a little while before running back to the live realms. You know the live realms don't mean anything to us, don't you? With your recent upgrade to patch 3.1, you have dual specs and Ulduar -- what's not to love about that? (And how's the occasional world server crash going to get in the way of the true love we feel for patch 3.1?) We promise, the live realms don't hold a candle to you. And didn't you like those flowers we sent you?

Now could you please, perhaps, let us log on? Just for a little while?

Oh, right, and if anyone wants to know what the WoW Insider team is up to -- just log on to the test realm. (Or if the world server is down, as it so often is, you can keep reading.)

Adam Holisky: Sons of Hodir gets to exalted this weekend on my Shaman.
Alex Ziebart: Leveling some random alt, whichever one will be able to get groups easier than my Prot Paladin. Why oh why do I play on one of the only servers with a surplus of tanks? Dual Spec cannot come fast enough. If I'm not doing that, I'll be dinking around on the PTR getting my bug testing on.
Allison Robert: 10-man Sarth 3D this weekend, and hopefully some testing on the PTR to evaluate changes to Druid talents and glyphs. There haven't been massive changes for Balance, so I'm mostly interested in seeing Savage Defense at work for bears, looking into the Savage Roar change for cats, and comparing Nourish to Regrowth.
Amanda Miller: I will probably do some light farming before we slaughter Malygos on Sunday.
Daniel Whitcomb: I'm actually remarkably close to Chef de Cuisine. I only have the Horde recipes and Dirge's Kickin'
Chimaerok Chops
to go. So, I think I may actually organize BWL and AQ40 fun runs to get the rep and quest drops I need to start on the sceptre questline so I can get the recipe. Also, I'm about 10 Badges of Honor away from a new breastplate, so I'll probably try to finish off a few more heroics for those if all else fails.
Dan O'Halloran: Now that my Resto Druid is level 80, I'll be looking for Naxx-10 groups. But I love to level so am choosing between alts to focus on next. Right now it's between Hunter, Warlock and Death Knight. DK may be the winner as I would like to play him more before the 3.1 changes happening to the class.
Elizabeth Wachowski: I'll probably be leveling my Warlock's professions and doing more Northrend quests on my Paladin. Also Fallout 3 and Mass Effect, as usual.
Jennie Lees: Going to be testing Ulduar tonight, if the European PTRs hold up. Other than that, nothing planned -- cleared all content twice already, and that's enough for my fragile sanity.
Lisa Poisso: Blowing things up in as many different ways as possible, and healing no one. At all. Even once.
Matthew Rossi: If I play at all (which is doubtful) it'll be casual stuff. Maybe level an alt, or go do some old world achievements on my Tauren, or even help lowbies do some instances. Generally going to take it easy in-between stressful IRL stuff.
Matt Low: Not much planned here. Maybe do some more blogging. Possibly hit up the PTR again and play around with the Priest as Holy instead.
Michael Gray: I'm trying desperately to finish up my Darkmoon Nobles deck. Darkmoon's still a little bit away, but I'd like this goblin-gypsy-shaped monkey off my back.
Zach Yonzon: More PvP. I'm pretty boring that way.

So that's what we're playing this weekend, but, dear readers, what are you playing?

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