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WoW Moviewatch: Crestfallen III


Machinima based on PvP can be tricky. It's very easy to fall into the trap of just stringing together huge crit numbers, ultimate pwnage, and a Linkin Park soundtrack. So, when I first read the summary text for Gazzamah's Crestfallen III trailer, I wasn't expecting much. It's a teaser for an upcoming PvP video. "What's this going to be?" I thought. "Only one or two big crit numbers?" And it's a trailer, after all. Too often, trailers promise a beautiful movie that will ultimately never get made.

When I watched the trailer, however, I was pleasantly proven wrong. It's very short, so don't go looking for Shakespearean epic here. The trailer opens with shots of Northrend, with ponderous, thoughtful music haunting in the background. An orc climbs an ice slope, looking over the scenery. A voiceover regrets sins made in the past, and then closes with hope that this new place could be different from what's come before.

This is going to be a PvP video? Okay, I'm sold -- I can't wait to see it. If this trailer is indicative of what the full video will be like, I think Gazzamah could really do something special in terms of that limited genre. Actual story in my PvP? I'm all for it!

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Edit: The voice-over is Niko Bellic from Grand Theft Auto. I still love it in this context, but yeah -- I missed that.

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