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PixelJunk packed 3-in-1 trunk for Asia


The PSN PixelJunk series will be bundled in the PixelJunk 3in1 Pack for the Asian market, reports Siliconera. The bundle will include Racers, Monsters and Eden. All games have English or Japanese language options, but there's no word yet if the disc includes the Monsters expansion or the Eden soundtrack.

Although we've yet to hear back from Sony Europe, Sony America let us know that it has no "official announcements at this time about the PixelJunk series." If the region didn't deserve a hard copy for Siren: Blood Curse's 9 gigglebytes, what chance does PixelJunk have? Ending on a good note: at least PS3 games aren't region locked.

[Update: Q Games president Dylan Cuthbert confirmed to Joystiq that this PixelJunk pack is Asia-only. "Right now, this special bundle is for Asia only."]

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