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Limited-time Xbox Live Gold price cut for Silver subscribers


Microsoft is offering a $10 discount off Xbox Live Gold subscriptions to those currently set up with free Silver accounts. Ads for $39.99/year Gold accounts have popped up on and within the Xbox 360 interface, causing some confusion as to whether this is a permanent price drop.

Contacted for comment, Microsoft told us that it is "currently running a promotion in-dash that gives Silver members a special opportunity to upgrade to the full benefits of Gold membership at a reduced price for a limited time." Specifically, it's being extended to all current and new Silver accounts, redeemable via the 360's dash and on, and ... doesn't have a set end date, according to MS. But it is time-limited. (Love those invisible time limits!)

Some retailers, including, are offering physical 12-month -- actually, 13-month -- account cards for the same $39.99 price. When asked, Microsoft said that this is no indication of a planned permanent price drop for yearly subscriptions. Sony's PSN crew just smiled.

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