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GameFly opens first 'G-Box' game rental kiosk


GameFly has expanded its reach to rental kiosks, the first having been spotted on campus at Texas Tech University. The Daily Toreader, reports the 'G-Box' kiosk allows gamers access to hundreds of Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii titles for a daily rental fee.

Rentals range from $2.49 (Xbox 360/PS3) to $1.99 (Wii), appealing to those looking to try a new title for a short period of time and are without access to a local rental store. However, extended rentals from the kiosk may put a strain on students' wallets in comparison to GameFly's own monthly rates.

GameFly plans to launch the 'G-Box' throughout the United States, allowing consumers to rent using a credit card.

Recently, rental giant Blockbuster has extended its Total Access service to video games. With GameFly now tapping the physical market, it seems the battle for rental superiority is going to get ugly.

[Via 1UP]

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