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Touch Diamond XV6950 finally hitting Verizon next month?

Darren Murph

It's sort of baffling that Verizon Wireless has yet to launch HTC's now aged Touch Diamond, and honestly, we're not even sure that late is better than never in this scenario. While Sprint has had the thing out for a good while now, Big Red has been lallygagging around while staring aimlessly at those spectacular BlackBerry Storm sales figures. Now, phoneArena has it that the XV6950 could finally be arriving on the carrier's airwaves next month, and while it has yet to be confirmed, we're hearing that it shouldn't vary from the Sprint edition in terms of specs -- something that conflicts with information we heard about a century ago. At any rate, we'd ask you to just be patient here, but chances are you're already over this thing, anyway.

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