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2D Boy examines creating a World of Goo [Update]

Independent game developer 2D Boy has begun to detail the early days of development for World of Goo. In a recent blog post (the first of seven), the team revealed its original version of what would eventually become the award-winning title. One week into development, 2D Boy had a basic idea of what to expect: A small game with simple physics and collision detection ... and which sported no music or animation at all.

If a screenshot (pictured above) of 2D Boy's creativity coming to fruition isn't enough, the developer has also made the original version of the game available to download -- for free. 2D Boy warns players that the 2006 version "feels like you're dragging balls inside a jar of honey" and has stability issues but it's a great extra for fans of the final product. Also, it guest stars Chairry ... so it captured our Pee-Wee's Playhouse loving hearts immediately.

Update: Part two of the feature, which includes a newer version of the 2006 build to download, is also available.

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