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WayForward's new IP is DSiWare's Mighty Flip Champs


WayForward's new IP, teased last week in its newsletter, has been revealed: a DSiWare game called Mighty Flip Champs! Matt Bozon, director of Shantae and Contra 4, is in charge of the new puzzle game, which faintly evokes Away: Shuffle Dungeon.

In Mighty Flip Champs, protagonist Alta navigates a series of mazes that flip from one to another like pages. Alta must position herself in one room such that she'll be in a safe position in the next (shown on the bottom screen). She then uses her Magical Warp Wand (which we are guessing represents the stylus) to trigger the flip.

WayForward has yet to release the details of Mighty Flip Champs, like the pricing or date. Of course, Nintendo has yet to discuss the price structure for North American DSiWare games, so that will have to happen first.

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