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The soul still burns? Namco Bandai registers EXCALIBUR trademark

Andrew Yoon , @scxzor

Companies like to keep secrets, hiding their upcoming projects from the general public until the marketing and PR stars align. However, leaks can come from a variety of sources: ESRB database listings, early achievement reveals, and trademark registrations. NeoGAF's Stormbringer has compiled a list of new Japanese trademarks and one entry in particular caught our attention: Namco Bandai's EXCALIBUR.

While the trademark in question could be a reference to the classic story of King Arthur, we can't help but remember another popular Namco Bandai franchise: Soulcalibur (yes, it's one word). Could Namco Bandai be looking into creating a spin-off series of the popular fighting game? An even more dramatic possibility: the franchise will be donning an entirely new name. Let's not forget, the first game in the franchise was called Soul Edge, not Soulcalibur.

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